Product-minded delivery with quality and speed

We are hired for our unique experience in building companies from scratch. Our approach is simple. We find out what our customers want, figure out the smallest surface area solution for them and build a quality version in the shortest possible amount of time. We then Iterate to improve and get strong product market fit.

Our Values

We operate on a very specific set of values.

Mission Focused

We think big, nothing is impossible. We care about impact and obsess over the problems we need to solve.

Radical Transparency

We insist on direct feedback from every person on the team. When we disagree we challenge, hash it out, align and commit.

Bias for Action

We operate in complex and ambiguous environments. Therefore our approach to progress is experimentation and rapid iteration.

We optimize for FUN

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and make sure we love the work and the team. We cherish that everyone has made a choice to be a part of our journey.